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Who Am I?? What Am I?? Where Am I? Why Do I Exist? Does God Exist? How am I made in the image of God? What happens when I die? Am I Immortal? Is there any purpose to this existential experience of life? How can I live a life of purpose and meaning?

Welcome to The Perennial Truth Foundation

We hope you discover what you seek the most, on your sacred quest of Self Transcendence! 

The Perennial Truth

Seek the Truth through inner reflections and study. To trust in your Self can become the greatest adventure.

Maha Khala

Learn the art of being with the Six Stage Maha Khala program. Journey beyond the mundane into the ocean of bliss.

Perennial Metaphysics

Acceptance arises from experience. In order to experience the truth one needs a codex of understanding as their foundation.

Become your own Spiritual Mentor

Bridging the gaps of Mental Health with Transcendental Wellness

One Comprehensive Program that breaks the stigma of addiction, stress, trauma and the conditionings of mental health. Join us as we offer a new perspective of understanding what has happened to you, why it has happened and how you can transform what you attract from the present moment. Learn to awaken your Self Awareness and live from your higher purpose, the existential experience that fulfils your karmic path.


Heal, Meditate, Awaken

Transcendental Wellness is the local Sanctuary of The Perennial Truth Foundation. We offer metaphysical understanding, bespoke treatments and the exclusive Maha Khala Meditation for the Awakening of your True Self. Our programs enable you to step beyond pain and suffering into a space of wonder, gratitude, centeredness and oneness.

Mental Health is the symptom that stems from TransPhysical Vitality, TransMental Conditioning and TransEmotional Identifications. When all three states of being are in imbalance, this reflects as mental illness.

The uniqueness of The Perennial Truth teachings together with expert facilitators enables the participant to understand their pain and suffering and step beyond self sabotage with our great work practices.

Understanding fosters Acceptance

Beyond the Ultimate Addiction

One Program that offers everything you need.


The Awakening to Freedom program includes intensive modules for self healing. Process include learning Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shadow Work, Inner child reflections, Tapping and more…


Our exclusive Maha Khala Meditate program takes you beyond the senses into the domain of Cosmic Consciousness where you can access the intelligence that is and the love that resonates in you.


Our teachings are guided by metaphysical author and spiritual adept TLB Kruger. This focused Philosophy and Metaphysical understanding allows you to awaken your Perennial Truth, what is right for you.

Our Services and Expertise

With over 30 years on the quest and a collective 50+ years of expertise, we offer individuals a sacred space for the enablement of Self Awareness and the Awakening of their Soul.

Vibrational Healing

The unconscious cannot be seen but we know there is trauma that resides within those doors. Vibrational Healing allows these doors to open for the conscious mind to heal, release and move forward from past pain and hurt.

Transpersonal Coaching

We focus on spiritual and transcendental aspects of the human experience. It is an approach that seeks to make you understand the connection between the individual self and your higher consciousness.

Spiritual Mentorship

With our personal experiences and expertise thereof we provide spiritual understanding that bridges the gaps between religion and science. Your faith deepens and your gratitude for the cosmic creator is renewed.

Archetype Gap Profiles

As detailed in The Perennial Truth Publication, our bespoke and unique personality analysis gives you a context of understanding your past and the role your archetypes have played.

Metaphysical Truth

Unless a piece of knowledge can give you three answers related to the trinity, then it is just a piece of the puzzle and not the whole truth. We help you add to your body of knowledge to complete your puzzle of your life’s experiences.

Alternative Treatments

With our BioScan and Quantum Resonance treatments we offer alternative healing techniques and natural herbal advice for cleansing, clearing and managing the healing of your body, mind and heart.

Acceptance promotes Self Awareness

Our Story

About The Perennial Truth Foundation

Serving The Greater Good

We are a public benefit foundation dedicated in empowering individuals to achieve their spiritual potential through a wholistic approach that integrates theory, technique and practice.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve Transcendence and fulfill their highest purpose. That’s why we are committed to providing bespoke solutions and unique services that enables individuals to overcome obstacles and transform the quality of their existence. With a strong focus on metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, spiritual sciences and experienced adepts in their field, we strive to make available Perennial understanding that impacts the lives of our clients. Join us on this journey of transcendence, and let us help navigate you towards your own quest.

All proceeds support our mental wellness programs and the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara.

It’s about the Journey not the Destination

Spiritual Work

Journal entry : 13 January 2024 Spiritual work Today, the news of my father passing…

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My TPT Parable

4 June 2023 This is my first attempt at a Parable to send gratitude to…

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What Our Participants Say

We urge you to follow your heart!

“TPT provides the sign posts to an amazing journey of self discovery and a deep reconnection with a divine knowledge that already exists within all of us. A knowledge and wise guidance independent of any single religion providing an understanding of life and beyond. In essence, everything we need already exists within us, we just need rediscover that and that’s what TPT shows you – it teaches you to seek the silences between life and find the treasures that lie hidden in those silences -Offering step by step practices that rid you of the conditioned mind and incessant thinking patterns that hinder connection with your true, deeper self. Absolute peace, contentment and love can be yours and it’s much simpler to achieve than you would expect. We all have a truth and TPT shows you how to find your truth and align your truth with the ultimate truth of life. Life becomes a dance but it’s not an easy journey and requires commitment from the seeker and only through your own experience will the reward be revealed”

“Today I understood the power of present moment and the sneakiness of warrior. I stood silent against all the abuse and slander was sent my way.

Present moment meant that the world didn’t influence my actions now. It meant I was able to remain grounded and show my son and daughter that. The present moment was an illusive idea. Just be was none the easier. Until I found TPT and  the practice of Maha Khala. When my mind is wondering at 200km/hr, the technique has helped me find focus and silence from thoughts.

With my children, it means I can be fully present and enjoy the moment with them. At work, it means less effort to get the job done, and for myself it means I no longer consume myself with thinking. I am grateful for the knowledge and a tool that makes being present practical and not just an idea.”

Self Awareness enables Self Transcendence

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